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Which Types of Ear Piercings in Trend In 2024

Ear Piercings Trend

Even though ear piercings have become increasingly popular over the years, the truth is that the ear has always been a priority piercing for both men and women. Many people are skeptical about piercing their lips, nose, or navel, but ears have always been very normalized, even being an ornament worn by babies.

However, today not only will the typical earring wear on the earlobe, but a whole series of techniques and locations have well developed, making it difficult to know which one to choose. That is why this new OneHOWTO article will talk about all the types of ear piercing so that you know which one best suits what you are looking for.

Central and Upper Lobe

It is one of the most popular and standardized types of ear piercing. It will do in the fleshy area of ​​the lobe. Within this area, can distinguish two types of locations. On the one hand, the central lobe, which is the earring that most women have been wearing since they were little, and on the other hand, the upper one, which will locat in the same lobe but a little higher, reaching the cartilage. They are piercing with perfect healing.

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Transverse Lobe – Ear Piercings

If you like piercings in the lobe area, there are transverse lobe piercings but you want something more risky and experimental. These consist of a long perforation that runs from one side of the lobe to the other through the lower edge. In this way, the result is two perforations spaced apart. The area does not usually cause problems, but the perforation is very long, requiring a lot of care per week.

Tragus and Antitragus – Ear Piercings

The tragus piercing requires extra care due to the thickness of the cartilage and its location, but it is undoubtedly another excellent reference for ear piercings. Its location is precisely in the projection of cartilage that we have protecting the auditory cavity. Contrary to this, there is the antitragus, the protrusion in front, just above the lobe.

Orbital – Ear Piercings

It is one of the types of ear piercing that has become fashionable lately and is ideal if you like to wear rings that cover the piercings. It is a piercing made in the intermediate area of ​​the cartilage of the ear with a tendency to be oriented inwards. In this way, the ring surrounding the cartilage is vast and gives a lot of presence. The orbital ear piercing can take time to heal, but it will not cause problems with primary care.

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snug – Ear Piercings

This piercing follows the same idea as the orbital, but the difference is that it does not end up surrounding the ear but stays in the first crease without going beyond the limit. This way, the hoop-shaped earring will be placed in the middle of the ear, at the middle height of the cartilage.

This ear piercing owes its name to the location, “shell” in English. It refers to the rounded and central area of ​​the ear, a concave area between the tragus and the cartilage. This piercing is located and drilled in this area. Despite having the same healing process as cartilage, the site is delicate and can become infected if good hygiene will not follow.

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Daith- Ear Piercings

If we follow the line made by the cartilage of the ear from the beginning of the lobe to the end of the upper part of the tragus, the Daith piercing will go precisely in this place. The end of the cartilage is an area where different tissues will mix. Depending on the person, it will be more or less painful. Even so, it requires constant care.


Following the same logic as the Daith, but looking at the inner fold of the ear cartilage, we find the Rock piercing. It is one of the types of ear piercing that can be difficult to heal because it will locat in a more hidden area. However, it is a reasonably rigid area and


Industrial piercing was a boom in its day. It is a double perforation cary out in the upper part of the cartilage. A surgical steel bar goes from one side to the other of the upper cartilage, and at each end, a perforation supports it. Being two perforations, they usually require a lot of care, but like any cartilage piercing, it would not be a problem with the necessary perseverance. If you want to get this piercing, you may will interest in this other OneHOWTO article on How to cure an infected industrial piercing.

Helix – Ear Piercings

It is one of the countless classics among cartilage piercings and is usually seen almost frequently, just like lobe piercing. It is a perforation located in the upper part of the cartilage. Usually, a hoop-type earring will place around the ear. If you are thinking of getting a helix piercing, you may find this other OneHOWTO article on How to cure an infected helix piercing useful.

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