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What Are The Best Traditional Marathi Bride Look Ideas

Best Marathi Bride Look

Marathi Bride Look: India is a country of diversity. In every state, marriage will do according to a different custom, and the bride and groom will also decorate differently. Her marriage does not mean the union of two people but the union of the whole family.

Perhaps this is why the methods and traditions of weddings in India are preferred even in foreign countries. Today in this article, we will discuss the makeup of brides decorated in Marathi weddings.

The bride will be unique decorated in a Marathi wedding dress. The bride will uniquely dress in a silk saree, and the gold ornaments worn by her are also different. You must go there if you have any Marathi friends who will get married soon. The following eight things are very important for the makeup of Marathi brides:

Marathi Bride Look  – Silk Saree:

The Marathi bride must wear a silk saree. Yellow, red or orange colour sarees are preferred. There is a tradition of wearing a red saree in Marathi tradition. And also search Royal Maharashtrian Bride Jewellery

Mundavlya is the Name of the Headband.

The Mundavlya is a distinctive feature of Marathi wedding jewellery. The groom and the bride wear a headband composed of pearl strings with two extra strings dangling from both sides of the head at a traditional Maharashtrian wedding. A Mundavlaya can also fashion with flowers.

Kolhapuri Saaj Is A Necklace With 21 Components.

This Marathi bridal jewellery item comprises 21 parts and comes from Kolhapur. Ten of these elements represent the ten Avatars; eight represent auspicious occurrences; three will fashion ruby and emerald pendants, and the last charm serves as a protective shield against bad energies. A Marathi bride also wears a Putli Haar, composed of coins with Laxmi designs and the Kolhapuri Saaj. This necklace is said to bring good fortune and money.

Marathi Bride Look Chooda:

In other provinces, red bangles will wear, but in Marathis, green-coloured bangles are worn. The bride must wear it.

Marathi Bride Look, Nath:

Marathi Bride Look, Nath

The nose ring, also known as a Nath, is a lovely piece of jewellery that lends subtle elegance to a woman’s face. You can wear a nose ring or a nose stud daily, but naths are more ornate and typically worn for weddings or other significant events. In this nath, Pearl’s labour will suffice.

Marathi Bride Look- Tasmania

Tasmania is a type of pearl necklace that the bride on her wedding day.

Marathi Bride Look -Chand Bindi

In Marathi, a moon-shaped bindi is a must. However, these days girls do not like to apply it much.

Walkie: A walkie is a piece of jewellery worn on the arms. It will wear on both arms. But these days girls wear it in one sleeve

Marathi Bride Look – Copa:

The bride’s hair is tied tightly into a bun will decorat in various ways, and copas will apply to it. Thus, Marathi brides will decorate with these eight unique ornaments.

The Toe-Ring Of Jodvi

At the wedding, the bride’s mother-in-law presents her with a silver Jodvi. This important piece of Marathi wedding jewellery symbolises the bride’s arrival in her new house.


A Mangalsutra, like many other Indian wedding traditions, is an essential item of Marathi bridal jewellery. It is an iconic sign of a bride, made of black and gold beads.

The Bangles’ Tode and Choora

The Tode and Chura are two more characteristic elements of Marathi bridal jewellery. Tode is thick, handcrafted gold Kadas that take a month to make. The trademark green bangles, known as the Chura, will make of glass and will were on both hands in odd numbers. Green is a colour associat with fertility.

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