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Navari Saree Come In A Variety Of Styles And Patterns

Intraduction of Navari Saree

Navari Saree is Marathi’s traditional Wear. There are many different cultures in India. One of those cultures is wearing a saree. Many women wear today’s Navari saree at functions and weddings because it is very beautiful to look traditional at that time.

Brahmani Navari Saree

Brahmani Navari Saree

In the past, Brahmins used to wear saree at weddings or festivals. It is a unique way of wearing a sari on the ninth day. The edge of the sari is to will wear at the waist, called Ocha. The characteristic of this sari is its sleek height. Earlier, women used to keep a lot of things in this oven. In addition, it also has a high concentration of nirvana. In this sari, the bananas will remove, pulling them together without pulling the waist.

In the past, I kept money in it. Although this sari usually covers up to the feet, only a part of the pottery remains open.

Ninth Navari Silk Saree

Silk sarees are in high demand for brides these days. Paithani Silk Navari  Saree will be widely used in these silk sarees. The reason for this is that this nine-year-old sari is very tight to the body. The pad of the silk sari is removed from the shoulders up and down in this way. In addition, cut the back so that both the edges of the sari would come in the middle. For a long time, use particular wooden sari s for planting. Use this type of sari widely at the time of planting.

Paithani Navari Saree

Paithani is the first choice of every woman for the bride or at other events. Paithani is also given in the market today. You can also wear Paithani Navari  Saree in Peshwa or Brahmani style. It looks even more uplifting if you wear this paithani on the ninth sari.

Cotton Blend Navari Saree

Many women love a saree that sticks to the body properly. For this, cotton blend sarees are considered good. Another reason to understand this sari better is that even if the body sweats a lot, this saree will absorb that sweat. No matter how fast it is, this sari is easy to wear and will wear early. You can also wear this sari in Brahmani or Peshwa style. It doesn’t have too many bright colours. But on the other hand, this nine-year-old sari looks very lovely.

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Big Border Navari Saree

Mitrano Nowadays sari will use in very different styles. Some people like to wear sarees with short edges while others want to wear big ones with extensive borders. The look of bride looks better in this Big Border Navari  Sarees. Even better if you wear a designer blouse while wearing this sari. There are wide varieties available in this Navari  Saree. Even your favourite Paithani Navari sarees, such as Big Border Navari, can find better. It causes the edge to appear in a straight line. In today’s young women’s class, the Big Border Navari sarees will prefer.

Peshwa Navari Saree

Wearing a Peshwa Navari saree is somewhat similar to the Brahmani method. The only difference is that the height of Peshwa Navari  Saree is less than that of Brahmani Navari  Saree. So if you like sarees, you can use Peshwa Navari. Also, now there are many changes in this type of Navari saree.

Kolhapuri Navari

This type of Navari saree usually has two straps. This saree is also called double kasta. Eight types of Navari saree are seen in many parts of Kolhapur by women farmers. This sari will wear as far as possible.

Silk Spider Nouveau Riche

As the name suggests, these nine sarees will wear women from the Koli community. However, this sari will wear in a very different way. Koli Sriya wears a sari up to the knees to avoid difficulty working in the sea. This sari will also wear in Kolhapuri style. Moreover, this sari does not have much confusion. The sari will wear very tightly. The hem of the sari will wrap around the waist, and a cotton drape will design over the blouse. Moreover, these Koli Navari sarees will probably make of cotton.

Bollywood Navari  Collection

If you go to see the collection of sarees in Bollywood, it is powerful. There is also a lot of variety in Bollywood Navari  Sarees. In many films, different nine-sari sarees will use. In some songs, you will see that sari is used, especially in Navari. Nine saree will wear actresses in many films, not just now but in the past. Even in historical movies like ‘Tanhaji’ or ‘Manikarnika’, ‘Bajirao Mastani’, we see the look of various styled nine-year-old sarees.

Casual Cotton Nouveau

Some women do not like to wear sari with flashy designers. So casual nouveau sarees are available in the market for such women. You can wear this type of Navari saree quickly and easily. Most importantly, these sarees are not heavy. So this sari is very easy to wear. Also, this sari sticks to the body, so there is no tension of escape.

Readymade Nine

Some women are not in the habit of handling the sari worn in a hurry. Readymade Navari sarees are available in the market for such women. You don’t have to wear this sari. So you can sew it as per your liking. So it is easy to wear this sari, and you have to wear the sari.

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