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8 Interesting Facts About Coloured Contact Lenses

The use of colored contact lenses is becoming increasingly popular among those who want to temporarily change the color of the iris, whether for a special occasion such as a costume party, a cosplay event, or just wanting to change their look.

However, despite the growing demand for colored lenses, many people still doubt them. In this article, you will know a little more about the accessory. Curious? Learn more about colored contact lenses below:

Colored Contact Lenses Can Have Prescription

You should first know that colored contact lenses can also help correct vision, not just for cosmetic purposes.

Colored contact lenses can enhance your natural eye color

Using colored contact lenses can also be for those not looking for a radical look change. Those looking for a subtle change can also use the accessory to enhance the iris’ natural color and look.

Colored Contact Lenses

Some people have corneal scars and other deformities, whether due to disease or eye trauma; in these cases, they can use cosmetic contact lenses to cover these scars and help their self-esteem.

Colored lenses also require an ophthalmologist’s approval.

Most people who wear colored lenses do so only for aesthetic reasons. However, consulting an ophthalmologist is highly recommended; after all, he will be able to indicate the best brand and model of lenses for your case.

Colored Contact Lenses Can Be Harmful

The popularization of colored lenses also increased the number of lenses of dubious origin sold to the population. These lenses should not be used in any way, as they can cause injuries and allergies.

Hygiene Care

Must sanitize colored lenses carefully; after all, no one would like bacteria to come into contact with the eyes. The lenses must clean with a unique solution every two days and before using the accessory for the first time.

Cleaning contact lenses is simple, but it must be prudent so as not to ruin them. With clean hands, place the lens on your palm, drip a drop of the unique solution, and massage gently with your index finger.

Do not use tap water, filtered water, saline solution, or other liquid to sanitize your lenses. Only the lens cleaning solution can guarantee sterilization without compromising the integrity of the accessory.

Not Everyone Can Wear Colored Contact Lenses.

Colored contact lenses, unfortunately, cannot be worn by just anyone. People with eye allergy, intolerance to the product, or low tear production should not use the accessory.

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Disposal Of Contact Lenses

Disposing of a pair of contact lenses should always be done per the manufacturer’s and ophthalmologist’s guidelines. Otherwise, they can cause serious problems such as irritation and infections.

Discarding contact lenses after the expiration date is also necessary, as it may compromise the lenses’ integrity and their sterilization.

However, some factors such as misuse and lack of cleaning or incorrect cleaning can reduce the life of the accessories.

If you notice signs of something wrong with your lenses, such as redness, irritation, or blurred and blurred vision, discontinue wearing the accessory, discard your lenses and consult an eye doctor.

Contact Lenses X Makeup

Both colored contact lenses and makeup are used by those who want to change their look and boost their self-esteem temporarily. A well-crafted production and a beautiful contact lens can lift the face intensely. However, it is essential to take about defenses before using the combination. The recommendation is never to put on the lenses after you have your makeup done, as this can carry residues from the products used into the eyes, irritating them.

When doing makeup with the lenses already in place, it is essential to be very careful when applying the products so that no residue falls into the eyes, damaging the lenses and impairing vision.

When applying mist and setting spray products, close your eyes tightly. Give preference to products that do not cause allergies and that do not have fragrances.

Remove contact lenses before removing makeup, preventing product residue from damaging the lenses and causing allergies and blurred vision.

Colored Lenses Are For Personal Use.

Like other objects such as toothbrushes and underwear, colored or should never loan not colored contact lenses to someone else. Likewise, it would help if you never borrowed someone else’s lenses.

It is important to note that contact lenses are medical products that have been prescribed exclusively for a person with specific needs.

For example, in the case of lenses that enhance eye color, it is essential to note that each iris has a different pattern, making it unique. So anyone else wouldn’t look good wearing these lenses.


Wearing someone else’s contact lenses is extremely risky and unhygienic. The product comes into direct contact with someone’s cornea, and borrowing that person risks taking bacteria into their eye.

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