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How To Use Hair Growth Serum? – Benefits and More

Hair Growth Serum is silicone-based hair care applied to the hair to make it soft and shiny. The hair serum forms a protective film on the hair and helps to manage dry and brittle hair. Unlike oils, hair serums do not penetrate the hair shaft and remain on the hair’s surface, forming a thin protective film. Silicone hair serums help strengthen and shine hair.

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Benefits Of Hair Growth Serum

Hair serum rises hair volume and makes it shiny, just like a facial serum provides nutrients and moisture to the skin to add shine to the face. You can think of it as a hair growth serum that helps with serious hair issues. Let’s take a closer look at hair serums and get a better idea of ​​their uses.

1. Protection against sun damage

The sun’s UV rays tend to damage your hair. Hair serums cover the hair with a protective layer that protects it from the harmful effects of the sun.

2. Protection against contamination and moisture

With the suitable serum, you can protect your hair from dirt, grime, and humidity. The result is healthy, clean, and nutritious inch. It also makes your hair shiny and shiny.

3. Tame curly hair

Using a good quality serum can help control the damage significantly. It can make your hair soft and shiny. Reduces frizz and makes hair attractive.

4. Promotes Hair Growth

Hair growth serum prevents hair loss by providing hydration and nutrition to the hair, making it soft. This increases hair volume and promotes hair regeneration.

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5. Helps restore hair’s natural oil

Excessive use of styling equipment and hair color treatments can damage your locks and leave your hair looking dry and frizzy. Good hair serum can replenish lost moisture and revitalize dull, lackluster hair.

How To Use Hair Growth Serum

Frequent hair dyeing and frequent use of hairdressing tools cause the hair to lose its natural moisture and make it dull, dry, and brittle. If your favorite shampoo and conditioner aren’t giving you the results you expect, apply a few drops of hair serum to wet hair and see what happens. If you’re having a rough day, this serum will save you.

To get the best out of your hair serum, it should be washed thoroughly before use. Every day your hair has to deal with dirt, grime, and humidity, among other things. On the other hand, a decent hair serum can be a lifesaver as it quickly repairs damaged hair. Instantly revitalizes frizzy, damaged, and curly hair.

Because hair serums, oils, hair mousses, and hair sprays serve different purposes, they have different chemistries and hair application methods. An inclusive range of hair care products, including shampoos, conditioners, and hair serums, are manufactured by many top brands. Choose shampoos and conditioners that go well with your hair serum.

  • Hair serum should be applied to damp hair that has been thoroughly washed and cleansed.
  • Place a few drops of hair serum in the palm of your hand and distribute them evenly over the palm of your writing according to the length and density of your hair.
  • Apply the serum from tip to root. Since hair serum effectively prevents split ends, apply it from the ends of the hair and then lift it with your fingertips. Using the serum from the root will not give the desired result.
  • For soft, shiny hair, apply serum evenly to hair and comb through as usual.
  • Alternatively, apply hair serum directly to dry hair to tame flyaways and flyaways while making hair more manageable and shinier.

Hair Serum Dos and Don’ts

Hair Growth Serum can be used on dry, oily, curly, and chemically treated hair. Carefully choose your serum based on the type of hair you have. Finding the right product for your hair is not enough. There are some things to remember and some things not to do for the best results.


  • Wash off the serum and apply only to clean hair.
  • Don’t start at the roots when applying hair serum, as it can dry out your scalp.


  • Never apply hair serum to wet, falling hair.
  • Avoid excessive use of serum. Otherwise, the serum may lose its properties. For maximum effect, use only 2-3 drops of serum.

Hair Growth Serum For Men Vs. Women

There are hair serums on the market specially designed for men. This is a hair serum where amino acids, ceramides, and biotin in the serum add shine and improve hair texture. Men with thin hair can use a serum to make their hair fuller and denser. Men with long hair are more susceptible to dry, curly hair. The application process is the same for men and women. Except for the smell, most properties and ingredients are the same for men and women. Men want a masculine scent, and women prefer a subtle, sweet fragrance.


Hair serums can benefit your hair in a variety of ways. Depending on your serum type, it can help add shine, decrease frizz, and improve natural texture. It can also prevent your hair from being damaged and maintain its health.

Find a hair serum tailored to your hair type or hair goal. Use a tiny amount of clean, wet hair, not the roots, for optimum results.

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