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Study Of Fashion Design – 2023

Study of Fashion Design -Definition

The study of fashion design teaches not only textiles but also a variety of courses, for example. It offers various design courses, including jewelry and fashion accessories.

What is Fashion design?

Fashion design presides over the design paper that we imagine in our imagination. Creativity is more important than any presentation in fashion design. Making what we do in a way that the other person can clearly understand

Study Of Fashion Design -Skills

Study of Fashion Design What we need to do is to have some skill in what it is

  • Fabric


The person who wants to study the study of fashion design should first have a good understanding of the fabric. Also need to know and have a sense of who is which button. One should understand its importance, including recognizing the quality of the clothes

Be aware of the colour combinations because fashion design is the most important thing that colour combinations are. Hence, it is very important for those who do fashion to have expertise in the fabric first.

  • Good Drawing Skills

Study of Fashion design makers should habitually make dolls because it takes a lot of time to put on the design paper they envisioned.

  • Communication Skills

It is essential for those doing this course to have communication skills because they need communication skills to sell the skills they have made to the customer.

  • Creativity


Creativity is essential for those who study the fashion of thinking that it is very important to think of making new things. Because new products are coming into the market day by day, they need a lot of unique creativity to compete with them.

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  • Decision-Making Skills

The most crucial factor in decision making is to make the right decisions in each case; otherwise, there will be chances of balance in our work.

  • Observation Skills To Look For Detailing

It is important  to have a proper observation in every single case.

  • Competitiveness

It is very important to have a study of cyclones to face the petition because competition is very prevalent in all fields during this period.

  • Computer Skill

If you also know how to operate a computer, then this course will be very easy for you to learn as well as computer skills will be very useful to move your business forward.

Education Qualifications

  • Must have completed SSC
  • Intermediate

Study Of Fashion Design – Colleges

  • National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad, Gujrat
  • Peral academy in New Delhi
  • Nation Institute Of Fashion Technology In Hyderabad.
  • National Institution Of Fashion Technology, Kannur In Kerala
  • National Institute Of Fashion Technology, Mumbai


Study Of Fashion, Especially The Things That Are Teach

  • Drafting
  • Stitching
  • Styling
  • Textile Science
  • Creative
  • How to innovate new things
  • Managing skills

Study Of Fashion Design Courses

  • Bachloor Of Fastion Design

Those who will interest in image creation and styling can choose this course. The study will learn garment designs, patterns, and apparel development basics.

  • Design (Accessory Design)

Those interested in jewellery, crafts, personal accessories, soft goods, decoration, etc., can choose.

  •  Bachelor Design (Textiles Design)

Those who will interest in different types of clothing can choose this.

A key segment in the field of fashion. They focus on a variety of garments.

  • Bachelor of ( Nightwear Design )

Those who will interest in nightwear can choose this course.

  • Bachelor of Design (Fashion communication)

Many products will release into the market regularly. So many strategies and planning must be brought to the people’s attention. Topics like Graphic Design advertising, space design, Visual merchandising, Fashion Photography, Fashion Journalism etc.

  • BTech (Apparel Production)

Apparel Technology is scientific art involving fashion techniques and design. In addition, those interesting in making apparel production technology, Management, Development etc., are taught as part of the course.

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This article has some tips for those wanting to study fashion design. I hope it’s a little help for those study of fashion. Also, if anyone learning Fashion Designing will benefit you in the future. You will have the opportunity to start up independently.

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