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What are the Methods to Maximize Your Outdoor Space


Methods to Maximize Your Outdoor Space: Have you ever looked outside your home and thought: what could I do with this extra space? If the area around the house is generous, then there is no doubt: plant trees and create a  lush and pleasant garden to enjoy nature to the fullest. However, this is not always possible, as spaces with truly challenging perimeters and areas exist. This idea book will give examples of how to maximize every square foot of your home, including that tight aisle between the fence and the house’s walls.

An Area to Sit

The first house we chose has a cosy corner where the owners can sit. For this, it was enough to adjust the space and build a wooden roof on the side of the house. The concrete bench can be left as it is or will complement a table under the length. It all depends on the intended use of the area.

A paradise for sun-seekers that you like is to enjoy the sun; you can compose a small space in your garden with a table and chairs. Make sure, however, that your furniture is water-resistant (it can be wicker or plastic). Imagine yourself sitting here with nice weather, refreshments and a good book. Delicious.

Stairs to the Terrace

Do you have ample coverage in your home? Then, consider converting it into a terrace. To access this space, you can build stairs outside the house that start from a garden, as seen in the image. What do you think of this idea?

You might consider building your waterfall if you have a reasonable budget but little space. Borrowing a part of the garden, the owner of this house chose to create a miniature waterfall that flows into a small lake. We love this Japanese-inspired setting.

Bicycle Shelter

If you love cycling, then this idea is for you. Your bike should not be left unattended. Otherwise, it will rust and end up will damage. Using recycled materials such as wood from pallets, build an annexe/shelter and place the bike under it. On top, take the opportunity to put plants.

Could You Keep It Simple With Green?

If you don’t want to embark on a very elaborate project, beautify your garden with grass. That simple. Nothing like the freshness, colour and smell of a  well-groomed lawn, right? Not only is it cute, but the kids love it, and we also love putting our feet on this fluffy rug. The grass changes the atmosphere of a space, making it more inviting and comfortable.

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The covered and shaded Methods to Maximize Your Outdoor Space

Don’t like exposing yourself to the sun, but don’t give up your outdoor leisure time? So, build a pergola and enjoy a shady area that protects you on the hottest and rainy days while letting the air flow.


Note that the space is small but very well organized. The jacuzzi area stands out due to the use of wood, and the two sun loungers create a fantastic resting area. To the side, adjacent to the house, there is a porch for meals. The walls and vegetation make up the scenery and make it more comfortable.

Simple And Affordable

f you don’t want to spend a lot of money or have the time to maintain a garden, consider covering the ground with gravel. However, make sure you can drain excess water from the space. Then decorate the area with chairs and natural elements such as wood and potted plants. The main advantage of this type of space is the ease of maintenance.

Outdoor Dining Room

Methods to Maximize Your Outdoor Space: Get rid of walls and expand your home by creating an outdoor dining room. Can you imagine hosting your friends and family in an area like this? The atmosphere resembles that of a resort. Cover the slats with glass or a removable tarp to use the space throughout the year.

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