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5 Cute Easy Hairstyles For Girls Recommended Youtube Channels

Easy Hairstyles For Girls

Easy hairstyles for girls: We understand the morning routine of those looking for Easy Hairstyles for girls on the internet. In the rush of getting ready for work, getting the kids ready for school, having breakfast, brushing our teeth, and packing our backpacks and lunch boxes, all we want is a simple way to make girls’ hair look beautiful without taking too much time.

The mission gets even more complicated when the girls ask for significantly different accessories and styles to be decorated, which they love.

To help you, we created this post with some Easy hairstyles for girls tutorials and showed you some excellent YouTube channels to follow and keep learning each week. Take a look:

5 Cute Easy Hairstyles For Girls Tutorials

To go beyond the traditional ponytail, we searched for cool ideas for easy hairstyles for girls. The tips below are valid to bring more charm to children’s daily lives and memorable moments, such as birthdays or family events.

Maria Chiquinha With Buns

Do you know that iconic look of Princess Leia from Star Wars? The children’s hairstyle made with pigtails and buns has more or less the same look, is easy to do and guarantees a style change that little ones will love. To do it is very simple:

Part your hair in half into two equal parts.

With the help of coxinhas, make high pigtails on each side of the head.

Use the strands of maria Chiquita to make tiny knots in the shape of a bun. You can count on the help of clips, elastics and other accessories that help you keep everything in place.

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Easy Hairstyles For Girls – Ponytail – False Braid

Easy Hairstyles For Girls - Easy Hairstyles For Girls

  • Okay, the ponytail is very practical and quick to do, and that’s why it’s the first on many people’s list of Easy hairstyles for girls. In addition, it is the preferred option for many parents in a hurry.
  • But when you want to make a difference, you can improve this hairstyle with just a few rubber bands and achieve an out-of-the-ordinary look. Look that:
  • Secure your child’s hair into a high ponytail using an elastic band or tie.
  • Leave about three fingers’ space in the ponytail and secure it again, opting for a thinner and more discreet elastic band.
  • You will have formed a section of hair into the ponytail. With your fingers, separate this segment in half, opening a hole.
  • Thread the ponytail through this opening, coming with it from the back to the front.
  • Repeat the process of creating little pieces and passing the ponytail through them until it reaches the end. These twists will complete the look of a braid. Usually, three or four slices are enough.

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Tying With Braids

  • Braids are always a great choice as they bring an air of grace and charm to the hair. Girls are left feeling like princesses! To enhance them, you can make a hairstyle with double braids and finish by pinning them.
  • With this hairstyle, the look is charming and elaborate, and it’s not at all difficult to do – after all, it’s on our list of easy hairstyles for girls. Learn below
  • Part the hair into two strands and secure them in pigtails at the back of the child’s head.
  • With each strand, make a simple braid and secure them with an elastic band at the ends.
  • The grand finalization will do with piranhas or bobby pins, which will attach the end of each braid to the other side of the head, creating a kind of frame near the back of the child’s neck.
  • Simple as that, your daughter can rock this beautiful hairstyle like an actual princess.

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Doughnut Bun With A Sock

The bun is another effortless hairstyle that guarantees a fantastic look for little fashionistas. To make it flawless, you can wear a sock – that’s right, you read! With it, the hairstyle is voluminous, round and lasts longer.

  • It’s perfect for class and a more severe event with the family. Look at the step-by-step.
  • Choose a clean, painless sock that no one else wears and, with scissors, cut the closed part where the toes are.
  • From this cut end, roll the edges of the sock into a very fluffy and voluminous doughnut. The ideal is to choose a high-top hose; the result is better!
  • Use a comb to gather all of the child’s hair into a ponytail and secure it with a discreet elastic band.
  • Pass your hair through the doughnut and place it at the beginning of the ponytail, hiding the attached elastic.

With the ponytail, distribute all the strands of hair around the doughnut to hide it with the strands. Then, use another elastic or bobby pin to secure your hair in this bun shape.

Part of the ponytail will still stick out of the bun when pinning. Use the left strands to hide the elastic by wrapping them around and securing them with a bobby pin.

Double Braids

  • Easy hairstyles for girls: Want something straightforward to make that girl love? So the solution is to do the hairstyle with two side braids, one of the tops in any list of easy kids hairstyles found on the internet. To do it, here’s no secret:
  • Part the hair into two strands and place them above each child’s shoulder.
  • Divide these strands into three equal parts and use your fingers to form braids that start at about ear height.
  • At the end of the braid, secure it with an elastic band that holds the lots securely.
  • Repeat the process on the other side of the hair, and the hairstyle will do.

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