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Is It Normal For A Tattoo To Itch? – Know The Answer

Tattoo To Itch

A tattoo to itch  is body art in which it is drawn on the body by drawing ink into the deeper layers of the skin. But this process is still as simple as opening a wound in our dermis so that the ink penetrates well into it. And therefore, like all wounds, they need time to heal and heal properly.

One of the most mutual symptoms we suffer during this healing process is constant itching throughout the area where the tattoo will locate. However, is it normal for a tattoo to itch? The answer is yes. Keep reading this OneHOWTO article and discover why you suffer from this itching in your tattoo and when it is normal and no longer.

A Tattoo Can Sting, Why?

As we have explained, a new tattoo is still a wound that needs to heal, and during healing, it is normal for a tattoo to itch. However, in addition to this reason, you may also suffer from skin discomfort for other causes of itchy tattoos :

  • Allergic Reaction To Ink

It is another of the most common reasons for itching in a tattoo. Due to its chemical compounds, the ink is likely to cause an allergic reaction. Apart from itching, you will see redness and pimples; another symptom to identify this type of allergy is that it can appear days or weeks after making this drawing.

  • The Weather In Your Area

Another reason for this condition in the dermis is the weather of the place where you usually live. Some temperatures, especially intense heat or cold, can create inflammation in the wound, causing the skin to stretch and itch. Another climate that can affect your tattoo is arid places, since they will dry out the skin and the body drawing and, therefore, you will suffer from itching.

  • Changes In Our Body

Another cause of tattoo itching is our own body. Body changes, power surges, and even our moods could be causing this type of reaction in the tattoo area.

How To Take Upkeep Of A New Tattoo So That It Heals

Now that you know why a new tattoo won’t stop itching, it’s essential to understand how we should act during the healing process, which will divie into two stages:

  • First Stage

It starts when the tattoo artist has finished drawing on our body. If you are at this stage, you should follow these steps:

Under no circumstances touch the newly made tattoo, as you could aggravate the wound and disfigure the drawing.

Once two hours have passed, you can remove the protective plastic or the specific bandage that the tattoo artist has put on you.

Make sure only to wash the tattoo with cold water and antibacterial soap. Do not use sponges or rub the tattoo. Repeat this process three times a day for two weeks. To dry the drawing, use soft toilet paper by patting the wound.

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  • Second Stage

This stage begins more or less after the second week and is commonly where we start to have annoying itching all over the area of ​​​​the newly made drawing. We already know that they are due to the process of regeneration and healing of the skin. Therefore, under no circumstances scratch the wound during those days, however annoying it may be, as you could spoil the tattoo. If you can’t stand them, you can follow these tips:

  • Scratch in the areas near the tattoo, as long as they will not tattoo.
  • With the palm of your hand open, give small and soft touches on top of the drawing.
  • You can also run some cold water over the area for a few seconds.
  • Finally, moisturizers can also relieve itching. However, it would aid if you did not abuse them.
  • Other recommendations for the care of a new tattoo
  • Tattoos need a lot of care, especially when they will freshly do. Therefore, it will recommend that you follow the following tips to take care of a newly made tattoo :

Apply a moisturizing and antibacterial lotion: the most recommended is that the cream is specific for tattoos since they usually have healing properties that speed up the healing process. You can buy it at any pharmacy.


Do not use oil or Vaseline on tattooed skin: the only thing you can do is damage the tattoo.

Wear comfortable clothes: choose clothes that are not particularly tight and do not leave fluff on the drawing.

Avoid the sun on the tattoo: finally, avoid direct contact of the tattoo with the sun during the first few days. Subsequently, it would be best if you were careful with its exposure, which should always be using sunscreen on top of it.

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