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All You Need To Know About REF Hair Products 

REF Hair Products are the first and most significant step in achieving the desired look or hairstyle. You can say goodbye to a boho beach look without the right hair care products or a sleek bun!

In this post, we’re going back to the basics to give you a list of 10 daily REF Hair Products every girl should have and how to take full advantage of them to ensure beautiful curls and healthy hair.

1. Shampoo. Are you using your shampoo correctly?

We all know what shampoo is – it just cleans the hair. But here’s where things get tricky: There are many types of shampoos. From a clarifying shampoo to a volumizing, straightening, and straightening shampoo, sulfate-free shampoos, and shampoos for color-treated hair, it’s important to choose the type of shampoo that works best for your particular hair.

·       Cleansing Shampoo

A clarifying shampoo roughens the hair cuticle and leaves the roots very clean. This can be used when you feel like too much product has built up on your hair or before a chemical treatment such as coloring or perming.

·       Charcoal Detox Shampoo

It is an extreme example of cleansing shampoo designed to clean your hair and scalp deeply. Activated charcoal removes dirt, toxins, and impurities from the hair, while ingredients such as aloe vera and grape seed oil provide hydration and hydration to the hair. If you are experiencing product buildup, foul odors, or an itchy scalp, a clarifying shampoo like this is best.

·       Volume Shampoo

This type of shampoo is designed to open up the hair cuticle and make it thicker, but to keep your hair beautiful and frizzy, try choosing a shampoo with a light conditioning ingredient that rinses off well doesn’t weigh down your hair. Short.

·       Soothing Shampoo

Shampoos that straighten and smooth hair usually contain silicone or oil to coat the hair strands. When the hair is combed with an iron, the result is magical!

·       Shampoo For Colored Hair

If your hair is color-treated, we recommend a shampoo specifically for color-treated hair. Great color-treated REF Hair Products also contain ingredients such as oils, seaweed or seaweed to lock in the color. Check the pH of the product and make sure it is between 4.5-5.5 to avoid fading.

·       Shampoo Without Alcohol And Sulfate

Our Top Alcohol-Free and Sulfate-Free Shampoos! Organic and sulfate-free REF Hair Products can help seal moisture and natural (good) oils, hold hair color, and decrease scalp discomfort. Sulfates are detergents with lengthy, difficult-to-pronounce names. While sulfate-based shampoos are effective at eliminating oil and impurities from your hair, they can cause significant drying and damage, such as split ends. Things are preferable to nature.

2. Hair Conditioner

Hair conditioner is intended to smoothen, replenish moisture, and aid in removing frizzy hair. You can achieve Rapunzel-level #hairgoals by using one of three types of conditioners.

·       Conditioner Rinse

The most popular conditioner is a rinse-out conditioner, applied to the ends of your hair, left in for a few minutes, and washed out. Consuming conditioner at the roots of your hair might cause excessive buildup and weigh down the hair.

If you want to restore moisture to your hair after shampooing, try our Soothing High Shine Conditioner. This deeply hydrating conditioner is formulated for daily use and leaves hair incredibly shiny, soft, and smooth.

·       Leave It In The Conditioner

Leave-in conditioners are great for detangling and detangling. These conditioners are lightweight and can be used as a styling product to make your curls silky and shiny.

·       Hair Mask And Conditioner

Hair masks or deep conditioners are ideal for restoring dry and damaged hair. Hair masks contain waxes, oils, and emulsifiers that penetrate the roots and repair hair from its origins. Most masks should be smeared from source to tip and left on for at least 30 minutes before rinsing well. Here are some DIY hair mask ideas.

3. Hair Oils and Serums

From argan oil to baobab oil to coconut oil, hair oil is a must for those with “problem” hair. They control frizz, add shine, promote growth and give your hair a luxurious, polished look. Check out our five favorites if you don’t know which oil is finest for your hair type! For best results, use hair oil on dry or nearly dry hair… and here’s a fun tip: if you have extremely dry ends, rub some hair oil from mid-shaft to ends BEFORE washing your hair. . This ensures you don’t dry out your ends even more when shampooing!

4. Dry Shampoo

This product is a need for every girl! Dry shampoo arises in a powder or spray form and is designed to absorb excess sebum at the roots of the hair. No time to wash your hair? No problems! Just rub some dry shampoo into your oily spots and watch your hair transform. Shampooing is often insufficient for your hair anyway. You can also use talcum powder if you don’t have dry shampoo for similar results. Dry shampoo eliminates excess sebum and adds extra volume to the hairstyle at the roots. However, be careful. This is no substitute for washing your hair, so try to use only dry shampoo for a maximum of two days before washing your hair thoroughly.

5. Hair Wax/Ointment

Hair wax or pomade adds texture, smoothness, and extra hold to complex hairstyles. What does Mimi always wear when creating intricate braids? It’s nothing but a hair wax! You can also mix a droplet of hair oil with hair wax and apply it to hair after styling to add extra shine and hold.

6. Hair Mousse

Do you love VOLUME in your hair? If you answered yes, then this is for you! Hair mousse is great for adding extra volume and shine to your hair. Apply the mousse with your fingers to towel-dried hair before blow-drying, and watch your hair come to life! Hair mousse is available in different hold levels, from volumizing mousse to styling mousse, to give your hair a perfect look. The mousse will help you have more defined curls if you have curly hair. Watch a video tutorial on how to style curly hair with mousse here:

7. Thermal Protection Spray

If you’ve styled your hair with hot tools (although not all of us do), a heat protectant spray is an absolute must to protect your precious strands from being damaged by direct heat exposure with a curling iron or hair straightener. Spray from mid-lengths to ends before heat styling. After styling, the product does not leave marks on the hair.

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8. Sea Salt Spray

Sea salt spray is exactly what it sounds like – a spray that gives your hair a sandy, beachy look after a day at the seaside. This is great to use on fine hair to provide extra texture. For thicker hair, some sea salt sprays come in an oil base to increase shine and shine. The calm thing is that this spray can be DIY.

9. Varnish

“What gives a girl power and strength?” Varnish! The usages for this versatile product are endless. It provides hold, defines style, tames flyaways, adds volume, adds texture, and more. If you avoid using hairspray because you feel like it makes your hair rough or tangled, you are either using too much of it or keeping it too close to your hair! Hold the spray over your head (approximately 8 to 10 inches) and let the product fall into your hair rather than spraying directly. To smooth out unruly strands, pour a little on your hands and smooth out problem hairs with light movements.

10. Cream to Enhance Curls

Who doesn’t love a good ring? These creams can be used on straight hair to add texture or on curly hair to enhance natural curls and tame frizz. For best results, separate towel-dried hair into several sections, then work through the hair or use twisting motions. By the way, we have great videos for those with curly hair.


In conclusion, various factors influenced their purchase of REF Hair Products from HUL and P&G. Most often, they used only shampoo, and some used shampoo with hair oil, so both companies should consider how to encourage them to buy other products. Conditioner, gel, spray, and other hair care items. However, HUL claims that there was merely a sales promotion. Such as Get one Conditioner “Buy Free” shampoo. On the other hand, HUL’s “Dove” and “Sunsilk” shampoos were very famous among Indian consumers, most of whom were women

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