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What is Flints Mint? – About, Expereince, Facts, and More 

Flints Mint dry mouth can cause serious oral health problems. Flints Mints are fast-dissolving, mouth-watering mints to combat dry mouth. Although, saliva contains minerals that keep teeth hard and digestive enzymes that clean the mouth’s surface.

The Flints Mints also make your mouth glow, which creates a pleasant electric sensation.

They are sugar-free, vegan, and non-GMO. And also, there is no plastic in its packaging.

Flints Mint

Flints Mints are mouth-watering, quick-dissolving mints. They also make your mouth sparkle, a pleasant electric sensation that must experience to be understood.

His superpowers come from the Spilanthes flower, which grows in the Amazon. Higher F-strength means more palatable and more substantial gloss.

Each pack contains at least 15 g of Flintts Mints, i.e. 27 to 30 tablets. Also, they are vegan, sugar-free and have no plastic packaging!

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What is Flints Mint Force?

Higher F-strength means more water in the mouth and a more substantial shine.

At 100 F-strength, Flints Mint’s effects are pretty subtle. Most people will notice a slight sheen that lasts a short time, slightly luscious.

At F Strength 300, they are intense. Most people will notice a powerful flare that awakens their senses while their salivary glands overflow.

When is the Best Time for Flints Mint?

There is no wrong time to consume Flints Mint.

They are not psychoactive and offer without judgment.

We recommend times when need of salaiva is more, even if dry mouth is a side effect of smoking, medication, or anxiety.

The silicons provide relief and stimulation. Some may take solace in this stimulation and find it a suitable alternative to unwanted oral gratification habits such as nail biting, snacking, or smoking.

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How to get the Best Experience with Flints Mint?

We suggest you let the tablet dissolve in your mouth instead of chewing it, especially on the first try.

Chewing will create a more robust and immediate effect.

Place a tablet on your cheek if you want to minimize shine and increase your appetite.


Flints Mints are made from the finest pharmaceutical ingredients available. But, this provides a secure and consistent experience.

We use vegan ingredients and do not use genetically modified organisms. We also strive to select elements with minimal environmental impact through maximum biodegradability and minimum toxicity.

Isomalt Without Gmo

A sugar substitute with a glycemic index close to zero. It is made from beets grown without any genetic modification. Also, it provides a pleasant sweetness and slightly refreshing sensation and does not harm the teeth.


Biodegradable starch uses to bind the tablet.


A ubiquitous non-caloric sweetener. It’s made from sugar. We chose this sweetener because of its near-zero toxicity to humans and the environment. Even better, it’s delicious. Also, we use premium sucralose from Germany, free of the bulky starches commonly found in GMO foods.

 Magnesium Stearate

This aids in the flow of powdered ingredients to ensure formula consistency. Although, our products are made from sustainable palm oil.

 Natural Lemon, Mint And Cherry Flavors

Our all-natural flavours are made from premium botanical ingredients. The main components are, respectively, lemon, Mint and cherry.

 Natural Taste

The nutrition label name for our blend of botanical extracts, each is contributing to a sparkling and delicious mint effect. Although, flints Mint’s superpowers come from the Spilanthes flower, which grows in the Amazon.

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Facts of Flints Mint

These are genuinely unique mints. They make you drool, thanks to active plant extracts that stimulate immediate saliva production. But, flints target all types of dry mouth and create a special tingling and bubbly sensation on the tongue. However, it is something you have to sense for yourself to understand.

  • Mint set of 3 packs
  • Flavours include cherry (F 150 proof), Mint (F 200 proof), and lemon (F 250 proof).
  • For best results, let the Mint dissolve on your tongue.
  • Vegan and non-GMO
  • Made in EE.UU.


Flints Mints are fast-dissolving mints that make your mouth water and have a pleasant electric sensation.

Our superpowers come from the Spilanthes flower, which grows in the Amazon. Also, Higher F-Strength means more juiciness and more substantial shine.

However, the Flints Mints company makes mouth-watering mints. Its flavoured tablets relieve the feeling of dry mouth that comes with smoking (or almost any other time) with natural saliva stimulating ingredients. Each fragrance is assigned a “Strength F”, which indicates how intense the tingling sensation will be, causing salivation. Also, they work very well – they are genuinely unique sensations you need to feel to understand

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