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Five Items Are Must In Your Makeup Kit

Makeup is one of every girl’s favorites. It gives strength to your appearance and boosts your self-confidence. And wherever you go, you radiate that confidence and positivity. But to be honest, not everyone knows how makeup works, and not all cosmetics should be in your makeup kit. Here are five makeup essentials that every girl should own.


Moisturizer is an essential part of makeup. I usually use it before applying a primer to my face. Then, apply a good moisturizer based on natural ingredients after washing your face. It not only just hydrates the skin but also prevents dryness and chapped skin. For perfect makeup, it is recommended to apply moisturizer 5 minutes before makeup.

Moisturizers are great for hydrating the skin and protecting the moisture barrier but can also be used as a makeup base. Because clean, well-moisturized skin is a great canvas. With the right moisturizer, your skin looks flawless, and your makeup stays on all day. Find out how the right moisturizer under your makeup can affect your skin.

  1. Smooth the skin
  2. Regulate oil production.
  3. Can cover blemishes
  4. It defends your skin from the sun.

BB/CC Cream

BB/CC cream is great for last-minute makeup. Instantly brightens the skin and hides dullness and fatigue on the face. If you don’t have a foundation or other makeup items, this cream can be beneficial, and mask yourself with the right makeup. So the next time you get a party call right in the office, don’t say no!

If applying foundation to your skin is uncomfortable, you need a BB/CC cream. Both creams provide natural, transparent coverage to the skin and simplify skincare routines. BB creams are ideal for dry skin due to their moisturizing properties. Cc Cream is suitable for oily, acne-prone skin due to its proliferation, lightness, and anti-aging properties.

Moisturizing ingredients and emollient texture provide moisture to the skin.

  • Provides UV protection
  • A light touch on the skin


Lipstick is one of the essential makeup items and should always be worn. It can also be filled with lipstick when other makeup products are insufficient. If you run out of eyeshadow or blush, dab lipstick under your eyes and cheeks. Alternatively, apply bright red lipstick under the eyes and use it as a color corrector.

Lipstick is a must-have makeup for a quick fix or detailed party look. It is the essential makeup that transforms a dull face into a diva in an instant, as well as makeup that combines skin beauty.

  • Lipstick moisturizes because it contains ingredients such as aloe vera and vitamin E.
  • Lipstick will define your lips and brighten your smile if you choose the right shade.
  • Applying lipstick can make you look more plausible in a professional setting or sexy on a date night.
  • Lipstick is also a mood-enhancing agent that makes you feel good in difficult times. It immediately empowers us.
  • A well-chosen lipstick can beautify your complexion. But, first, it’s essential to understand your skin’s undertone, whether it’s cool, warm, or neutral.


They say that the eyes are one of the first things we see in another person. This is why it is essential to use good mascara. Mascara helps curl the lashes and adds volume to the overall impression. So, make good use of this magic mascara wand from time to time.

  • Instantly add thickness
  • Length
  • The dark color of eyelashes
  • Eye-catching


Finish your eyes with a good eyeliner to complete your eyes. Sometimes small smears on your eyeliner can ruin your hard-earned look, so carrying eyeliner with you for a quick fix is essential. Then, rely on a good eyeliner and let your eyes speak.

Mascara is used to thickening, lengthen, color, curl, and add volume to eyelashes to help accentuate the shape of your eyes. Mascaras currently on the market include oil-in-water, water-in-oil, and water-resistant, waterproof, and volumizing types formulated in anhydrous formulations.


Makeup can do some magic, but it doesn’t have to be a secret. Applying a simple, natural look doesn’t require many skills or tools. You can mix a lot with your fingertips and omit certain products that don’t appeal to you. So don’t worry. Enjoy the process and a fresh, glowing face!

Start with a clean face and cover blemishes and uneven tones with something lighter, like a tinted moisturizer or clear foundation. Heavy bass won’t give you the effect you’re aiming for! Next, use shimmer or matte eyeshadow on your eyelids.

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