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What Are The Best Tips For Root Cover Up In Our Hair

Introduction of  Root Cover Up

Tips For Root Cover Up: Want to know how to cover up your hair roots at home? Then this article is perfect for you. After all, it is not today that women have the habit of dyeing their hair. Whether to disguise the white wires or change the look, the most diverse colours are already quite popular and frequent in the feminine and masculine universe.

However, a big mistake is to worry only about the moment and forget that, as the days go by, the hair will start to grow, and you will have to retouch it. Many people still have the habit of going to a beauty salon. However, we separate some tips if you prefer to do it at home to save time and money. See the step-by-step below:

Tips For Root Cover Up In Our Hair

Preparation – Root Cover Up

Before you start root cover up your colouring, you must prepare yourself for it. We are talking about the care of wearing gloves and applying some cream, preferably oily, on the face and ears, avoiding that you have stained body parts at the end of the process. Also, while applying the product, be very careful not to dirty the root of the hair because if this happens, it will not be able to act correctly.

Read The Colouring Instructions

Each colouring has its specifications. Although the procedures are very similar, there is always some detail that changes from one brand to another. Therefore, the best way to do proper retouching is to read the instructions well. In addition, you must respect the information on the box, especially the action time necessary for the product’s effectiveness.

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Parting The Hair

After preparing your face so it will protect during the application of colouring and after reading all the instructions in the product’s box, it’s time to get your hands dirty or your hair. For the dye to be applied correctly, you must separate your locks into small locks.

Once that’s done, you’ll have two parts. Now, separate each of these strands into two, separating the front from the back of the head. These are the central markings, but according to the amount of hair, it is necessary to make new separations in thinner strands. Starting at the front of your head is a good idea when doing a root cover up. Also, don’t be in a hurry. Apply the dye in skinny strands, thus ensuring that all parts of the hair will retouch.

Applying The Colouring

If you want to know how to root cover up your hair at home, you must understand that gloves are essential for this process. Even using them, the ideal thing is having your brush on hand, as it will be much easier to spread the colour. Always apply the product only at the root cover up of the hair if the intention is to do just the touch-up. To change your colour, you must spread the product over your hair. Remember to follow the way to part your hair as we taught above.

After passing the paint with the brush on all the strands, give a brief message with your fingertips to ensure that no part is left uncoloured. Then, let the product act for the time indicated on the box.

Time to Rinse

Before rinsing and removing the product, wet the scalp and massage it again, spreading it throughout the hair. Remove all the colouring and wash your hair normally with shampoo and conditioner.

When It’s Time to do A New cover up

For light colours, it will recommend covering up every fifteen days. For darker shades, you can cover up once a month._

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