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Nauvari Look Saree – History, Types, Create, And More

Nauvari look is so beautiful and traditional. So it will use as a traditional saree worn mainly by the people of Maharashtra. Nauvari saree look is classic, So it is primarily worn at weddings and functions.

There are many types of Nauvari saree look, and wearing it gives us an excellent and traditional look.

History of Nauvari Saree Look

It is very important to know the history of the Nauvari saree. Before looking for its look because it is very important to see the history of any subject at any time

The Nine-Yard Sari Played An Important Role Nauvari Saree Look

Our history stood witness to queens like Queen Tarabai, Queen Kittur Chelamma, Queen Velu Nachiyar, Queen Abakka, the queen of Jhansi, Laxmibai, and Queen Avanti Bai and the stories of their valour, courage and bravery. One attire always helped them in their feats and supported their free movement. It was a nine-yard sari. Since then, this sari has become a symbol of power, courage and equality to the entire world.

Who Create Nauvari  Saree

It will say that creat the nine-yard sari in ancient times. Hey used two pieces of garment, ‘Antariya’ and ‘Uttariya’, to create a single attire. This Nauvari saree is also known as ‘Akhanda Vaastra’. The meaning of this  dress with no seams. That can cover the entire body on its own. Is it not amazing? In western countries, women started wearing trousers. But, many years before them, Indian women had begun wearing the nine-yard sari.

There Are Two Primary Types Of The Nine-Yard Sari.

They are ‘ Nauvari ‘ and ‘Madisar’.

  • Nauvari

‘ nauvari ‘ sari gained its name due to its length.’ Nau’ means ‘Nine.’ and ‘Vari’ means ‘Yard’.Traditionally, Maharashtrian women wear the ‘ nauvari ‘ saree after getting married. Nauvari saree look  is Maharashtra’s pride

  • Madisari

he meaning of its other name, ‘ he meaning of its other name, ‘Madisar’is hidden in the name.’ Madi’ is the loose end of the sari, and ‘Sar’ will derive from the word ‘Thar’, which means ‘Kashta.’

or tucking the border in the back. Traditionally, Tamil Brahmin women, Iyer and Iyengar, wear the ‘Madisar’after getting married. ‘is hidden in the name.’ Madi’ is the

About Nauvari Saree Look

The nine-yard sari is an attire that erases the differences between men and women beautifully and proves that they are the same.

The wrinkles in the bottom make it look like a Dhoti, and the loose end of the sari gives it a feminine look. Its strange two-in-one style ties the characters of men and women in one thread and gives them the form of ‘Ardhanarishva a’.

Even Science supports the ‘Madisar’ style of sari draping. If appropriately draped, it can control your hunger and thirst. Moreover, the ‘Kacham’ draping style of ‘Madisar’is considered working as a cushioning hip belt in the lumbar area that the orthopaedics prescribe to people with the problem of back pain.

 Who will wear Nauvari Saree Look

And the people of every stratum wear it. For example, brahmin women wear it during venerations and the women of the Warkari community during ‘Pandharpur Wari’, the pilgrimage to Pandharpur. Also, for the ‘Lavani’ dancers, female farmers, and the fisherwomen of the Koli community, this sari is a part

of their livelihood. Whether war or entertainment, the nine-yard sari has always uplifted women’s personalities.

Be it Madhuri Dixit’s famous dance number or Vidya Balan’s famous ‘Lavani’.The epic characters

cannot imagine historical films like Mastani, Savitri Bai and Devasena without the nine-yard sari. The 61-year-old Lata Kare wore a ‘ nauvari ‘ sari and ran three kilometres in the Baramati marathon. She even won the race. Her act inspired many women to run a marathon wearing a nine-yard sari. Hyderabad’s Jayanthi Sampathkumar wore ‘Madisar’ and participated in the Hyderabad Marathon. And Mumbai-based Kranti Salvi wore the nine-yard sari to marathons organised in Berlin, Germany, and made the world record of the fastest run in a sari.

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Nauvari Saree Look For Bride

The traditional naval will commonly see at Marathi weddings and festivities. Aside from that, the Koli drape of the nauvari saree is also well-known.

Women from Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra,  wear this drape, popularised by the Koli fishing community in Maharashtra. The nauvari saree in this style will usually wear as a two-piece outfit.

Nauvari sarees are a challenge to drape, despite their elegance. However, Maharashtrian brides can now purchase pre-stitched nauvari sarees that may drop in seconds. And also search Juda hairstyle for saree

A Global Influence

Do you know that Nauvari sarees will wear people all over the world? Traditional Marathi bridal clothing has found its way to the world’s fashion runways thanks to designers like Julie Bendkhale of Zuilee, Vaishali Shandangule.

In conclusion

Nauvari saree look enhances their culture and is mainly finding only in cotton fabric. Still, now there are many types of cloth available which are satin and silk available to us.

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