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How To Design A Console Table – 10 Gorgeous Ideas

Console Table – The question of how to create a console table is essential. Whether in a living room, dining room, or hallway, it is an atypical piece of furniture.

Leaving the surface bare is a missed opportunity to create a beautiful vignette, and in family homes, a plain surface can be a magnet for clutter, creating an unwanted view.

Here we have compiled console table design solutions to add to your collection of living room ideas for a space that is elegant, attractive, and individual in its design.

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How To Design A Console Table

The color, line, texture, and scale of items such as table lamps, objects, artwork, and books are all important considerations when designing it, whether in a contemporary or more traditional space.

We asked some of the world’s top interior designers for their five rules for decorating a console table in a living room or entryway to make an impact, perfect for your arsenal of hallway ideas.

1. Create A Cohesive Look

Consider working with an object theme on a console table for a cohesive look. Here, an antique glass mirror takes center stage, with various objects in various natural tones displayed casually yet deliberately.

Pieces that do not take the same signal to prevent seeing the whole and create a framework for the exhibition.

2. Opt For Some Table Lamps

How to design a console table and give it letters of nobility? Selecting a pair of table lamps is a traditional approach to creating symmetry in interior design that works well in many rooms.

When designing a console table, I generally look for symmetry, whether achieved with lamps, vases, or decorative objects,” says Ashley DeLapp, founder and chief designer of Ashley DeLapp Interior Design (opens in a new tab).

When decorating a console table, this method may be all that is required for a stunning show. “I prefer it simple and clean, with books added for height while exhibiting particular trinkets or flower collections,” Ashley adds.

3. Make It Minimal

In a contemporary room design, reducing the size of what’s on the console may be the best tactic. What is crucial if this is the case is to select accent pieces of sufficient scale to appear thoughtful. A simple bowl of flowers grabs attention on this table, while the artwork above is framed by the console table below.

4. Combination Of Materials Or Shapes Of Eco

When considering how to design a console table, one technique is to draw inspiration from the table itself. The legs in this design echo the whimsical lamp, vases, and even artwork. The image above frame takes on the tabletop material’s color for a coordinated look.

5. Display Art On A Console Table

There are various ways to display artwork on a console table – here. Designer Adam Bray showcases sculptures and textiles in a simple yet striking arrangement.

Another way to showcase art is to place it on an easel.

“I love incorporating artwork on an easel when designing a console,” says Grace Brackman, associate designer at Maggie Griffin Design (opens in a new tab). “Whether it’s an antique or abstract piece, art is a great way to bring color and pattern to your table.”

6. Keep It Natural

I wondered how to style a console table when the goal is to relax. Going for a color scheme in soft, natural tones is a great approach, especially in an entryway. Organic color and texture are highlighted in this room by the planter and console table, complimented by gentler tones in the lamp base.

To boost the effect of your display, hang a mirror low enough to reflect the things on show.

7. Choose A Modern Approach

A symmetrical arrangement of well-proportioned lamps or urns on a console table is a safe pick, but asymmetry is a fascinating and modern alternative.

“Try grouping together a sculpture, statement lamp, and flower vase for a balanced look but with a more contemporary twist,” says designer Birdie Fortescue (opens in a new tab). To complete the scheme, use a great area rug in coordinating tones and a matching painting or mirror.

8. Change Lines

Entrances tend to be thoroughfares that we pay little attention to and often lack exciting architecture. Choose it with curving lines and repeat its forms and materials in the vases and sculptural pieces seen above to increase the style quotient.

9. Choose Antiques

Antique furniture is a beautiful focal point, but how do you style a console table like this?

“An antique console table does more than provide a place to put things,” says Henriette von Stockhausen, co-founder and creative director of VSP Interiors(opens in a new tab). “By adding a few lamps with antique silk shades for an inviting glow, along with artwork, wall hangings, and accent pieces, you can create a cozy layered look.”

10. Play With Cakes

Make a beautiful vignette on a larger console table with a pastel palette to draw a variety of pretty pieces and a floral arrangement together. Adding white keeps the effect fresh and sophisticated. Small accent pieces are better grouped, while taller designs will introduce needed height into a taller piece of furniture.

If you include artwork, hang it near the table so it’s part of the set, and pair it with color.

How To Decorate A Console?

Table lamps, framed artwork and photographs, and decorative accessories such as vases, sculptures, and ceramics can all be used to decorate it.

“When designing a console table, keep scale and proportion in mind,” says Louise Wick steed, design director for interior designers at Sims Hilditch (opens in a new tab). For example, the table lamps that frame the console add height and symmetry. Potted plans in a round bowl command attention, while stacked books and decorative items add a personal touch.

What Is A Console Table For?

Console tables provide space for table lamps and displays of accent pieces and artwork, and because they’re slim, they can fit in tight areas like hallways and entrances, as well as dining rooms and lounges. Instead of placing it against the wall, you can put one on the back of a sofa in the last space.

They are a versatile option that could replace a desk in a compact space or a bar when entertaining.

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