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How To Place The Feather Hair Extensions?


Feather Hair Extensions: The first thing you must know about feather extensions is that they can be permanent or temporary. The former is inserted into a lock of your natural hair using a ringing system. Examples of this type of extension are those sold by the One Fine Day Feathers brand on Amazon. To place them well, you will need a unique applicator or go to a hairdresser or beauty center.

Permanent feather extensions last six to nine months. You can wash your hair with them or even iron it without damaging it since if they are of good quality, as in the case of the actual feathers used by One Fine Day Feathers, they do not have to burn or fall out during handling of the hair.

Feather Hair Extensions

Another option, as we told you, is temporary feather extensions. They will place using a hairpin or clip like another type of headdress. They are a good alternative when we want to wear a look at a party or on rare occasions but not daily.

Temporary feather extensions need not be as high quality as permanent ones as we will not be washing and styling our hair with them. Of course, we must be careful when keeping them, preferably in a cardboard box and always extended. You should keep them away from humid environments as they can become moldy.

What style of feather extensions to choose?

As for the style of the feathers themselves, as you can see, we have them finer or more open. Fine feather extensions are the ones that will use permanently as they are more durable. Available feathers are the best option for quick looks.

You must consider the colour of your hair so that a harmonious contrast will create. For example, ochre, orange, and copper tones look great on brown hair. Reds, greens, and blacks look great on blonde hair. Blues go well with any hair.

If you are looking for a more hippy and bohemian look, dare to wear feathers in bright colours such as fuchsia, violet, or neon yellow

Are Our Feather Hair Extensions On Their Way Back?

Salons around the country began providing feather hair extensions, and manufacturers began selling clip-in versions. As swiftly as the fad entered our lives, it vanished. However, feather hair extensions like low-rise jeans, Juicy Couture tracksuits, and big blonde highlights are returning.

Is It Inappropriate To Wear A Feather In Your Hair?

Do some say that wearing a feather in your hair is wrong since it feeds into a “tribal” Are hair feathers still popular?

While many aspects of native culture have will stole (dreamcatchers, headdresses, and tipis spring to mind), hair feathers remain a contentious trend. The item eventually became a part of the wider bohemian style of the 1970s, revived in the 2010s.

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