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Full Guide About Speakeasy Fitness Club

Speakeasy fitness.

Speakeasy fitness :I’m not sure, but I’m guessing it’ll be similar to what you find inside a Speakeasy Fitness facility.

The location’s electric light and fast-paced atmosphere make it an excellent spot to work out for the youthful and energized audience.

What Is The Price Of Speakeasy Fitness?

  • Several membership options are available from Speakeasy Fitness based on:
  • Which places do you wish to visit?
  • the duration and conditions of your agreement
  • Any unique offers are accessible

For $10 a month on a 12-month commitment, plus a $49 “facility improvement fee,” you can join three sites (Sylmar, North Hills, Van Nuys, and Reseda).

Additionally, you may save a few dollars by making a $165 yearly payment.

You have “restricted” access, thanks to this unique offer. Therefore, you can only use the gym at specific hours.

Although most sites offer month-to-month memberships for closer to $30 per month, 12-month contracts give the best value.

Then, when you sign up, you may exchange this for a portion of your membership fee.

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Equipment – Speakeasy Fitness Club

  • A wide range of workout gear is available at Speakeasy Fitness, including:
  • Cardio equipment (treadmills, Stairmasters, rowers, etc.)
  • 5 to 100 lb. dumbbells Strength equipment
  • Inclined and Flat Benches
  • Racks & Bars for Squat
  • There are several excellent plate-loaded and pin-stacked devices in Speakeasy.
  • Those who like resistance machine training have an excellent selection of Hammer Strength plate-loaded machines.
  • Additionally, there is a complete variety of dumbbells with a 100 lb. weight limit. That will cover most people’s training requirements, although experienced bodybuilders and strength athletes could find it a little restricting.
  • Additionally, the gyms include a wide selection of Smith and cable equipment. They have offered various versions to ensure you don’t have to wait long to use the most popular machines.
  • A grass functional training area with weight sleds, kettlebells, plyometrics, and agility training tools is also available in each gym.
  • A special Butt Zone with tonnes of equipment to train your glutes is a unique feature I haven’t seen in other gyms.
  • Every Speakeasy Fitness Center has a rad cardio movie area with a giant screen, surround sound, and fascinating mood lighting.
  • Cardio equipment is everywhere in the theatre, so you can work out while watching the newest Hollywood movie.
  • Membership at Speakeasy Fitness includes access to fitness classes.
  • (However, if you sign up during a remarkable campaign, your access can be restricted. So before you sign up, check.)
  • A certain number of lessons are offered each day, with different places offering different classes at other times.
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