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About los-mejores-destinos-turisticos-de-japon The best tourist destination for 2022 according to Lonely Planet and what it recommends visiting in Latin America.

The guide has highlighted Atacama Desert as one of the recommended places to visit.

With the world opening up little by little after pandemic, those who have vacations and can afford them are already thinking about traveling.

One way to choose where to go is to look at Lonely Planet’s list of recommended place.

The travel publisher published its annual Best in Travel last week, dividing destinations into countries, cities and regions.

The guide highlights paradisiacal Cook Islands, archipelago in middle of the Pacific Ocean known for its crystal-clear waters and virgin beaches.

Beyond the island’s tourist bustle and contemporary appearance, there is a robust culture firmly anchored in traditional Polynesian values,” the guide highlights.

Another destination that stands out is Oman, an ideal place for history lovers and curious, full of castles, fortresses and mosques.

The country has a list of cultural assets and World Heritage sites, such as the Bahla Fort and ancient city of Qalhat , as well as various natural beauties, from mountains and deserts to a pristine coast.

The best tourist destinations in Japan

The best tourist destinations in Japan


It is located in front of Osaka Bay and has more than one and a half million inhabitants. The city is small but one of the most beautiful in Japan. Its modernization began in the 20th century, and a contrast can seen in every corner between traditional architecture of Japan and modern buildings. You can try delicious food like sake, this city is ideal to enjoy.


Located on the island of Hanshu, this city, with an average temperature of 26° C, is one of best tourist attractions. You will be able to find a town where the population is very friendly and where you will have opportunity to visit castles and museums that preserve much of Japan’s history. In this city is the Universal Studios Japan theme park, where you can spend fun day with your family, friends, or partner.

Latin America

Lonely Planet has not forgotten the region and has highlighted the Mexican Mérida and the Chilean Atacama Desert in its list of best cities.


The guide mentions colonial history of Mérida, the capital and most populated city of Yucatán, located in the southeast of the country, and its “delicious mix of provincial and cosmopolitan (character).”

“It’s great place to explore, with narrow streets, wide central squares and the best museums in the region.”

“It is also perfect place to start your adventure to rest of the state of Yucatan. It has excellent cuisine and accommodation, thriving markets, and events happening almost every night.”


In the case of Atacama Desert, guide assures that there are some of most spectacular landscapes on the planet.

Located in the north of Chile, it cover an approximate area of ​​105,000 square kilometers, making it one of largest deserts on planet.

Being away from light pollution of big cities, it is an ideal spot for astronomy.

Okunoshima Island

Okunoshima Island, belonging to Hiroshima, is home to thousands of charming rabbits, which are the place’s main attraction. It is not known as Rabbit Island for nothing.

Although cute, origin of these mammals in the area is terrible. They were used in testing mustard gas factory install on the island during World War II.

Luckily, those who now live there are not descendant of those, since were annihilate. For apparent reason, you cannot take your dog or cat with you.

A museum about this deadly factory also built on the island, with an exhibition divided into two. The first part reflects what the building and working conditions were like. The second, perverse effect of gas on humans.

Jigokudani Monkey Park

Jigokudani Monkey Park is home to Japan’s famous wild monkeys. They are particularly special for staying during winter and enduring its low temperatures.

Although you can take kids, the route to get to park’s main attraction is 1.6 kilometers walking, so you must take measures in this regard. In 40 minutes you will be in front of the entertaining apes.

Jigokudani means “hell valley,” named after steam of boiling water bubbling on the frozen ground. This is the same thing used by red-faced monkeys to shower in cold ewinter environments

The blue pond near Hokkaido

The beautiful blue pond on outskirts of Furano, in Hokkaido, northern Japan, is a magical place.

Although it looks natural, it is dam built to protect the community from mud flows from a nearby volcano.

Its brilliant blue is not directly due to water, but the result of combination of the sun’s rays and its minerals.

Some believe at first glance that forest is submerg in it due to the branches and trunks that protrude, popular image in numerous tourist guides.

Gio-ji Temple and Moss Gardens

The Gio-ji Temple and its moss gardens in Tokyo, 3.6 kilometers from Arashiyama Bammoo Grove, have… magic.

Although its ceremonial temple is simple and has a thatched roof, what really astonishes is its extensive moss garden that invites you to nap on it, but (unluckily) you cannot do so, much less walk on the botanical layer.

Although journey may seem long, it is an amazing place to enjoy away from hustle and bustle of busy destinations.


If you are planning a vacation, do not hesitate to choose Japan. It will be a rich experience to learn from a different culture that has maintained for thousands of years.

The fact that Japan seems like a distant destination has not prevented it from becoming highly sought after by tourists.

The country of the rising sun is a beautiful combination of ancient culture with modernity in all its splendor.

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